.: crush :.

i met someone. tall, lanky, scrawny...and yellow. the splitting image of a stereotype i created, then hated. the perfect dork lacking in fashion sense has taught me tricks i forgot to remember, made me feel i'm the only person who needs. a couple of days and i get a kick out of it still: making you out as he is. if you're even half as warm, smart, kind or gentle...does it matter?

i thought you'd at least say hey that first sunday. i keep being reminded of you the more i think of how you've forgotten all about me.

does it matter?

if you'd even dare to know, i think i'd marry you one day, everyday.

little miss invisible 1:51 PM

This is the best--
Throwing off the light covers,
Feet on the cold floor,
And buzzing around the house on espresso--
Maybe a splash of water on the face,
A palmful of vitamins--
But mostly buzzing around the house on espresso.

~Morning, Billy Collins

:image from Nike Women:
:the beautiful kicks in.: